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CCTV - DVR - NVR - Networking Solutions

CCTV - DVR - NVR - Networking Solutions

The mere presence of Close Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras deters criminal activity by both customers and employees. Video footage has been effective in helping employers and police identify crimes including shoplifting, employee theft, credit card fraud, customer return fraud, burglary, vandalism, armed robbery and more.

The fact is, having a CCTV system of any kind will deter criminal activity by both customers and employees, or as the case of residential consumers, it can deter opportunists and safeguard your property. CCTV evidence is effective in helping businesses and police identify crimes such as shoplifting, employee theft, credit card fraud, burglary, vandalism, and more serious crimes such as armed robber or hijacks. A system in your home can be used to ‘monitor’ in house activates such as child minders, care workers, building work, as well as aggravated and anti-social crimes.

For our commercial customers, CCTV cameras are rapidly becoming an important part of many company's business management and loss prevention programs.
There are hundreds of benefits of implementing a CCTV system, here a few:

  • Minimize the risk of theft and unlawful activities
  • Protect threats to property such as arson and vandalism
  • Monitor employee / shop floor / manufacturing performance
  • Improving customer service by observing peak periods and planning the allocation of staff
  • Assisting in staff training
  • Health & safety

Having  the right system and having it professionally installed is essential - it will provide you with good evidence, peace of mind and will save you time and money. With over 20 years of experience installing the very latest CCTV DVR / NVR security systems, we’re confident that you won’t get a better service or setup from anywhere else. We can customise any system and always work within your budget without compromising the basics.
There is an often used figure of 1 in 8 CCTV systems are installed incorrectly, illegally, and evidence can not be submitted or used in court. This sort of system wastes your money, your time, the Police and prosecutors time.
If you already have a CCTV system installed, but are unsure of its effectiveness, call us now for a free site survey, we could provide you with details of potential changes, upgrades, or in some cases a complete overhaul and a new system.

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For new CCTV systems, we provide a free onsite survey, demonstrations of cameras and recording technology such as

  • DVR – Digital Video Recorders
  • NVR – Network Video Recorders
  • ANPR – Our Popular High-Resolution Number plate recognition cameras
  • Networking and Remote viewing & control demonstrations – we can demonstrate the quality and control you can have of your CCTV system.

What every your security needs, W.M.L. Security Systems have remained one of the leaders in Northern Ireland providing service and quality without compromise for large and small businesses and residents alike.

Call 028 383 51004 or Email now for your free site survey.