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Our Annual Service
Our annual service is there for a reason, to give you security and peace of mind over your security system. Completely free and inclusive in your first year. From £89 / year onwards.


Windy and various environmental conditions can soon take their toll on lenses as time goes on. We check every camera lens and check that they are 100% in focus.

Dirty Lenses
Spiders, cobwebs, bugs, dirt, can all build up on your lens, causing contrast issues and focus issues, in turn giving you a poor quality image.  We clean every lens, and camera housing you have!

DVR / NVR Systems
Like computers / laptops, they all need housecleaning and maintaining. Sometimes there are special updates called Firmware, that are made available to certain machines. We’ll leave your DVR / NVR like is was brand new. Any dust or dirt accumulation will also be cleared. Between 2 – 5 years we’ll recommend a new hard drive.

We always use high quality conduit and ducting systems, and some of our external cable is armoured, but, every checkable cable you have is and will be checked.

Power Supplies / U.P.S./ Battery Backups.
All power supplies are checked, batteries replaced as and when they show signs of replacement, and U.P.S backup batteries are checked and replaced.

All this and a a24 hour a day 365 day service and evidence backup and retrieval included.

Service - Upgrades & Repairs

Service - Upgrades & Repairs

W.M.L Security systems provides you with security repairs, upgrades and system servicing, for any security system be it installed by ourselves or another security installation company.

The CCTV code of practice states “Regular checks are carried out to ensure that the system is
working properly and produces high quality images.” – if we have installed your CCTV security system you’ll probably have one of our Yearly Maintenance Contracts, most of which is included in our Check List on this page.

Having “regular checks”, means that your CCTV system will remain in good working order for years to come, providing your with peace of mind, knowing that your images will remain in focus and at the desired quality required for evidence retrieval purposes.

At W.M.L. Security Systems, we try and allow for future upgrades of equipment, sometimes the security budget is left a little lean, especially in today’s economic climate, instead of compromising on the quality of components, we make sure you have the ability to upgrade your system to its full positional as an when your budget allows.

DVR / NVR’s allow a certain number of cameras – if our survey has stated that your optimum coverage is 12 cameras, but it pushes the budget a little too far allowing for only 9 cameras to be installed, having a DVR installed ready to take 16 Cameras, means when the budget allows, additional cameras can be fitted at a later date.

We can upgrade your current CCTV system, maybe you have no night vision, or wish to have control of movement over a camera, or have additional cameras installed, what every your requirements are for your CCTV system W.M.L. guarantees we can carry out an upgrade to your satisfaction.

Most components now prove uneconomical to repair, easier and cheaper to replace and renew, but for particular items repairs can be undertaken. As camera technology becomes more and more compact and microchip based, repairing individual items is a thing of the past.
Most CCTV system failures are:

  • Wiring – Power
  • Wiring – Video / Audio
  • Power Supplies
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies

One of the most horrendous aspects of surveying previously installed CCTV systems is some of the botched wiring and cabling we have seen over the years. Some proven to be dangerous. We can now offer Battery Backup Power Supplies and Wireless Camera Technologies I.P. based & Analogue.
For systems between 3 & 5 years old, Hard drive replacement should be considered as this is normally the maximum life span of a hard drive.

Good regular and routine servicing avoids failures.

Remember – we offer a 24 hour / 365 day Call out service and Annual maintenance contracts, - charges and call out charges apply to those without annual servicing contracts with W.M.L. Security Systems, and any out of warranty repairs, misuse, physical damage, or negligence etc.


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