Hi-Res Cameras

Stand-alone SD Card Cameras placed anywhere.

Remote access

Remote access and network viewing on your Laptop, PC, Android Tablet or Smartphone, iPad or iPhone.

Covert & Hidden Camera Solutions

Covert & Hidden Camera Solutions

Covert (hidden) cameras are used for delicate situations whereby you
have ongoing problems that cannot be properly addressed using
conventional methods. The Digital Privacy Act (DPA) recommends the
installation of covert cameras should be restricted to short term use.


• Stop Theft!
• Stop Fraud!
• Stop Harassement!
• Staff Protection
• Home Protection
• Discrete Intallation
• Rentable Option
• Remote Viewing

WML has many years of experience in the supply and installation of
covert. When using covert surveillance sort of investigation, there is
only one chance of achieving the right result and to gain the evidence
required for a successful conclusion.

A WML Security Systems representative will determine the exact
placement of the camera at the time of the site survey and may review
the location when it comes to installation. Unlike traditional security
cameras which are easily hung on the wall and aimed at a large area,
covert cameras must be positioned so that they will view the exact
target area and capture the perpetrator in the act of wrongdoing.