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Perimeter Parking Security

Beam Tower Heights

Perimeter Security & Beam Sensors

Perimeter Security & Beam Sensors

At WML we use the flagship of the range of active infrared beams. Available to cover
distances of 200m, each set offers the reassurance of a 16 beam lattice between the
transmitter and receiver. They have built in environmental, anti-fog circuitry and
anti-crawl. They have earned worldwide recognition and have set the standard in
perimeter sensors.

As the challenges and demands of an external environment are so much greater
than an internal environment, different products and technologies need to be
employed. External detectors need to provide peace of mind that an intruder
will always be detected before gaining access to the premises, and that
unexplained activations are kept to a minimum.

Photoelectric beams are especially designed for outdoor perimeter protection. Unique
Double Modulated beams are synchronised to reinforce range and stability even in
severe weather conditions. Instant notification either by email or SMS Text Message
and loud alarm deterrent when beam is broken. Easily managed, programmable timer
to allow 7 day 24 hour settings, remote fobs to allow beam control.


Anti-Crawl Beams are available for high-security applications to detect low-level or crawling intrusion, designed specifically for use in Beam Towers.