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i-On 50 now released and ready to be installed. Wireless, hassle free installaitons giving you complete piece of mind!.




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Wireless Alarm Solutions

Wireless Alarm Solutions

You’re looking at our wire-free alarm systems because you want to feel secure! You want a hassle free installation that will give you peace of mind and not have engineers drill holes and thread metres of cable around your home or office!

  • Hassle free
  • Easy & quick install time
  • No damage to home / office decor
  • Simple to use
  • Key-fob operation
  • Receive activation alerts via email / text message / or phone
  • Control up to 25 wire-free zones (depending on model)
  • Elegant sleek design
  • Blue light back-lit
  • External and / or internal alarm siren
  • Enlarged picture of keypad and wireless control unit

    Residential Case Study
    An elderly gentlemen was out the back of his 3-bedroomed semi-detached house mowing the grass. The front door wasn’t locked. Thanks to recent government policies pushing social demise even further, an opportunist walked straight into the house through the front door, took the car keys, a wallet with cards and a small amount of cash, a mobile phone and a few household items.
    Thankfully the gentlemen mowing his lawn was unaware of any intruders, and no one else was in the home who may have come face to face with the intruder.

    Of course you don’t want to fully arm your home every time you step out the front or rear door to mow the lawn, cut the edges or pop into the garage for maybe a tin of lubrication! With our wireless alarm systems Zone Settings, this enables you to activate alarm connection on just the front door, or the front door, hallway and living room. All within just one click of an alarm fob!

    This also helps owners of pets, some pet owners may just keep their pet in the kitchen, or maybe the downstairs hallway at night, obviously having a sensor in that area would be activated with any movement of the pet, but with selective zone activation you can omit any area of your protected home, shed or garage. Have an instant telephone call or text message to alert you to alarm activation, or control your alarm system via your smart phone, PC or Laptop whilst you are away!
    Wireless gives you an easy hassle free solution to alarming your garage, shed, or even greenhouse. We tend to forget how much value some of these out buildings contain. A typical shed with garden tools, lawn mower, strimmer, a couple of bikes and several children’s toys can contain a value in excess of a few thousand pounds! Garage design these days leaves little room for cars, so instead we store our washing machine / dryer / chest freezer, bikes, children’s toys, tools, and a host of other items we want to store away but maybe access, again leading to a value of a few thousand pounds worth, and of course worth protecting! Even if your garage is not an integral part of your house, Wire-Free means you can add it into your alarm system.

    Wireless alarms are unobtrusive, no drilling for wires, no plastering or re-decorating for channelled cables, they make for a hassle free installation. Plug-on modules provide connection to either the telephone system (PSTN), the mobile phone network (GSM) or the internet via Ethernet or GPRS. In addition, the control unit provides a set of output pins which can be used to drive stand-alone communicators. To make the installation and maintenance simple, the control unit also provides an Ethernet connector for attaching PCs or laptops. The control unit can be programmed using a standard web browser from an Ethernet connected laptop.


    Wireless Keyfob

    Commercial Case Study
    A local engineering company situated in a modern building consisting of a small store area, a large workshop, canteen and staff area, 3 individual offices and an open reception / administration area often had their admin staff pop into work on Saturdays to maybe do a little catch up, or to prepare certain paperwork for the week ahead, often engineers would also pop in for a morning to finish a job especially if they were trying to meet deadlines. With three access points to the whole building, including one fire escape, it was often the case that the roller shutter door was opened up and used as the main thoroughfare for staff.

    One Saturday, a receptionist had popped in to familiarise herself with a newly installed computer and phone system, no one else had arrived in, and being on the edge of an industrial estate, no other firms had opened up on the Saturday, she was there alone. Engrossed in the new system she didn’t hear a van turn up, and load various raw materials including tools from the workshop, it was only when she decided to go an make a cup of tea she saw what was going off and disturbed them. They ran, with only a half loaded van, the consequences could have been far worse.

    They were very interested in CCTV, but whilst waiting for options and quotes, they wanted something that could be installed quickly and without posing inconvenience to their working day, nor to have oodles of cables running around.

    A wireless solution was simple, the whole installation took less than a day, and our engineers weren’t really noticed. Each entry point was alarmed, and a PIR sensor was installed in the reception / office area, the workshop, stores, and separate offices. The system was set up with a GSM mobile alert which actually alerted the nearest employee to the premises and who could get there the quickest. The system was set up so if any admins did want to work on a Saturday, and do the usual of not having to lock themselves in, they were able to disarm the area they were working in, and keep the entry points and accessible areas (the workshop) armed – all with a press of a key-fob button! They have since had CCTV installed with remote access, and event notification. Everyone is happy with the outcome, and the admin and reception team are fully confident after the incident that occurred.

    Who knows what people are planning, this could have easily turned into a horror story or at least a very unpleasant news article. This alarm system was installed very quickly, and brought instant peace of mind and confidence to the workers – and the boss! A system that is very easy to use, and no long numbers to punch in all the time. The system has been setup for the entire workforce to be able to function out of hours and remain safe in a fully zoned alarmed system. CCTV has obviously added a much needed confidence boost, and the owner of the firm is happy knowing he can use his phone or home laptop to check in to make sure everyone is safe and everything is as it should be.

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